Office in the Making

When we first looked at this house I had a lot of vision for this old fixer upper. Some of that vision has remained and some fluctuates back and forth the longer we live here. Before moving in I knew I wanted this odd little space to work as the office area. It sits between the dining room and den/kitchen area. You can see a bit of the layout here. Then when we actually moved into the house this was the only spot in the house where our favorite and first piece of real furniture we bought would fit. We then decided to put the "office" in the spare bedroom. Since then my sister has moved in with us for a bit and as the kiddos get older we have decided we would not want to move it into a space where we can't have eyes on them at all times. We then considered moving it into our kitchen nook, but the more I ponder the more I want a walk-in pantry. So after much thought and discussion with the Mr we have decided exploring my original idea of making this odd space into the office area once again. Currently our computer sits on our kitchen dining table and although I like the outside views I can't stand it taking up this space. Also I believe in every area of our home to have a purpose and currently this odd little space only serves as a pass thorough. That's a whole lot of space not being used to its full potential. 

Before moving in I knew I wanted a waterfall shaped desk in this space after falling in love with this home office. I found one that I love, but it's on the pricey side, plus I am not sure with the drawers if the Mr's 6'6" frame would fit under it nicely. This particular desk is 72" of pure loveliness. The current buffet is 77" for size reference. It's wide enough where it could have a computer station and a spot for the kiddos to do hand written work. I also like the fact that I could put a basket underneath and the mess would be somewhat hidden. In the end though I think we would need to go with a custom desk so it would fit the Mr better. I would add a pretty desk lamp and a pair of dreamy chairs

I then came across this narrow dining table and fell head over heels for it. I love the mix of metal and wood. At 94.5" it would almost fill up the whole wall. It's still on the pricey side, but this table could serve double duty as a dining table durning holidays or large gatherings as our current dining table can't fit near as many. We could use our current spare pair of dining chairs to add some warmth. With the extra wall space on either side of the chalkboard I could add some of my favorite pieces that have yet to be hung. Of course a fun lamp would need to be added. 

The more I look at my two inspiration boards I am leaning towards option two. It feels a little less serious which I like since it will be a shared office space. I am also fond of the idea that I can use pieces that I love that I don't currently have a home for. Plus having the option to actually seat my whole family around one table for Christmas gets me pretty excited. The only con is that with the open legs there is no hiding mess underneath, but with the extra length I could possibly fit our current filing cabinet underneath plus still have room for two chairs. Which option do you all lean towards? Again you can see the layout better here

SOURCES OPTION ONE: desk | black board | lamp | chair

SOURCES OPTION TWO: table | lamp | black board | black and white artchairs


5 Things

This past weekend we had the best family time. The Mr and I had a lazy Friday which we both so needed. Ellie had her first swim meet and although she didn't place I was extremely proud of how far she has come in such a short period of time. KJ had baseball and well I will never tire of watching him battle it out. The kiddos played, we rented movies, and we took advantage of the slightly cooler weather and they made smores around our custom firepit. Is it too early to say I am ready for another weekend of the same? Here's to 5 things...

1. The kitchen above was designed by the principal designer, Katrina, at Katrina Porter Designs. I had the pleasure of shooting it and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Our new website should be launching November 1st and I am giddy to show you my labor of love. 

2. This shop is quickly becoming a go to for vintage rug pulling for clients of ours. 

3. This house, oh my. Love every last detail. 

4. These leggings from last year are quickly making it back into my clothing rotation as the weather starts to cool off. 

5. KJ came home with this. Kind of cool and kind of freaked me out. ha. 



The Hamster Wheel of Life

Get up extra early to get Ellie to her AM safety patrol duties, make waffles and lunch, get the kiddos to school, head to my three day a week chiropractic session, head to work on Katrina Porter Designs, pick up kiddos, head home for snack and homework duties, then head to activity of the day, head home, fit in Two Ellie and give time to Kellen Jacob Photography when needed or better yet I crash and hope the Mr was planning to make dinner that night. Weekends look a little different as we consider a weekend Friday and Saturday since the Mr works on Sunday's. Friday the Mr and I try to stick together. It's a date day of sorts as the kiddos are in school even if said date is to the grocery store. Saturday can be filled with kiddos activities or we lay low, but regardless of what we are doing we do it as a family. Sunday is church, meal prep for my Dr diet, baseball currently, and the kiddos and I clean the house. We all have tasks and knock it out in about an hour. Sound familiar? I know all moms and women in general have some form of daily tasks that can leave room for little else.

I had a swim mom ask if I ever get tired of the hustle, when I am healthy, then answer is mostly no. I try to do whatever I am doing at that moment well. When they overlap that is when frustration {as in fly off the handle when the slightest thing goes array} occurs and I can become overwhelmed. I know this is my trigger so I try to order my hours in such a way so that can't happen. Does it always work? no, but I feel like every week I am getting better. Honestly ALL the things I do daily I love. I love being part of the kiddos daily lives, I love my husband, I love design, I love photography, I love Two Ellie, I honestly feel refreshed once the house is back in order. Granted I could do without mopping the floors so that hasn't happened in forever. Gross I know, but atleast they get swept or vacuumed on a regular basis. 

There are days I stop and think about the hamster wheel I feel like I am running on. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this wheel won't run like this forever and it's okay to feel like the repetition could drive me mad. I also have to look deeper and make sure that all the things are God ordered. That I am ultimately following the path He laid out for me. Currently I believe I am and once one of those tasks are no longer a part of who He needs me to be then I will shift and move on. I have stopped planning what the future holds as it never is I imagine. I do find it's always better though. What I do plan on is following His path and where it leads, to better myself in Him, and along the way many doors open and close but I am better for it because God is the writer of my story. How do you all maintain a daily hustle without going crazy? For me I know I need to start and end my day in prayer even if it's only for a few minutes, a good cup of wind down tea and I will never pass on a good book. Of course time spent with friends may be a cure all for me. How about you? 

 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lordโ€™s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledgeโ€”that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.- Ephesians 3: 17-19