I got an urge to pick up the camera and see through the lens. Something about only being able to focus on one spot through the viewfinder soothes me at times. What I saw were not vignettes that were perfectly styled or even all that clean as every blogger has trained themselves to do, but I did see a home that is loved. It kind of matches where I am currently in this place the Lord has brought me and I love it, I can finally rest in the undone.

- The curtains are a jumble for some reason. The chair has dirty finger spot. The candle stick is broken. The vase needs flowers. It is undone.

- Joy is found at this table with dinner talks and laughter. The fiddle fig tree has sprung new leaves. Next week this table will be filled with new faces as our small groups begin. It is love.

candlesticks | curtains | light fixture | vase {target} | solid chairs {west elm} | cane chairs {craigslist}

- Below is a pile of dishes that need to be washed. The window sill needs dusting. You can feel the cold air through the old window panes. It is undone.

- The horsehair nest and feathers were loving collected by my children. The scripture rings true. The marble pear has traveled with me throughout the years and reminds me of our old home. It is peace.

- The recycling to the right is piled high. Dog food is scattered on the floor. Crumbs live in this spot. The basket is piled up with food my body hates. We have succumbed to paper plates every day. It is undone.

- The antique table was a birthday gift from the Mr. The worn spots makes me wonder about the life it used to have and the stories it must hold. It makes me happy to know it has a second life here and we can add to those stories. The chalkboard holds a menu that will hopefully lead to better meal planning that will insure we stick to the monthly food budget. The chalkboard also marks our count down to our Disney trip. It is hope.

chalkboard | candle sticks {west elm} | school house light fixture

- The bed is unmade and will remain that way for awhile I am sure. The sheets need to be washed yet again. The window blinds are broken and to be honest have a slight smell. My bedside table is a mess. After all these years I have yet to find the perfect lampshade. It is undone.

- This bed has brought me much comfort these past few weeks and granted my body rest. The books piled high have filled my soul with a deeper connection with Jesus. The small dish holds my wedding rings and keeps them safe from the nearby floor vents. The lamps give light in the dark of night. It is comfort.

sheets {although they discontinued this colorway} | duvet | blanket | ring dish {west elm} | headboard {DIY} | nightstands | water bottle | lamps {scott's flea market}



A few things I have had my eye on are on sale! Bought the madewell top and backback for a steal. I have been on search for a stylish and petite bag for our upcoming Disney trip and I have my fingers crossed that this one will fit the bill. Glass water bottles are my fave and this ceramic box is perfect for storing jewelery, paperclips, or extra keys. The sheets have been on my wishlist for some time, but giving myself another day to decide if this is the time for such a purchase. I still adore Ellie's and KJ's duvets and know the sheets must be just as good. This throw... such a beauty and finally on sale, sale, sale.


1 MADEWELL top | 2 glass waterbottle | 3 MADEWELL backpack | 4 SHEETS | 5 ceramic box | 6 Fringe Blanket

MADEWELL EXTRA 30% off sale with code UPANDUP {ends 1/26}

JCREW EXTRA 40% off of sale with code FINDAFAV {ends 1/27}

SERENA & LILY 20% off all bedding with code FRESH {ends 1/26}

mixing it up

Big house changes happened here at casa coldiron over the weekend. The function of our bedroom and office just was not working no matter how hard I tried. With very little storage and my need for things to be organized and everything have a place was making the current set up not functional. All that to say we ended up switching the office and bedroom. The office now serves as not only a place for me to work, but also my closet thanks to a couple of pax wardrobes. No more rolling rack and laundry basket living for me! The bedroom is now free of clutter which is so important to us. It's a peaceful place once again. I guess one huge perk of living in a 1931 home is that there is no such thing as a master suite so we have the opportunity of mixing it up however we see fit. Hoping to share pictures later this week, but for now here is our office inspirational board...

DESK: West Elm | BOOKSHELF: ikea | PAX WARDROBE: IKEA | CLEAR ORGANIZATION: container store | CALENDAR: amazon | FRAMES: framebridge | LAMP: west elm | FILING CABINET: cb2 | BINDERS: russell & hazel

THRIVE {a marketplace}

Ever come across something and you just can't help but want to be apart of it? That's how I felt when I came across Thrive,  a new marketplace that focuses on supplying natural and organic products at wholesale prices. I placed my first order right before Christmas and thought there was no way I would get it that same week due to postal craziness, but alas it arrived in perfect condition the day after Christmas. Gluten makes me sicker than sick and I try to eat as "clean" as possible due to my not so stellar health. I would say I am about 75% paleo most days and go through seasons of being 100%. I try to supply the kids with as many healthy options as I can to offset some of the other junk they eat. As for the Mr he eats what he wants. Well Thrive makes that so easy. It's kind of like Costco meets Whole Foods {their words not mine}.

Above are a few things I try to keep the pantry stocked with for cooking, cleaning, everyday life. Some days I find myself having to go multiple stores to get products for decent deals or I find different stores stock different things. I do wish I could shop at Whole Foods for everything, but we simply don't live in that price bracket. Shop hopping then leads me to growing weary and then grabbing whatever product or a product at a higher price just for time/energy sake. That's where Thrive has made the world of difference...

They not only provide natural and organic products, but they even break them up in categories if you have a certain diet or need. It has also made me aware of products I have never even heard of like Epic bars. They are amazing! I eat one for breakfast and grab one when I am on the go. So far the Bison cranberry bar is my favorite, but I will warn you that it kind of looks like dog food. Ha. They even have a category for babies which is superb, but I have no need for that now. The only problem I can see thus far is they seem to be out of stock on quite a few items as of today. Time will tell to see how quickly things get replenished, I am just hoping I was just online during a busy shopping time.


* After reading this I realized I may sound like they asked me to be spokesperson, but alas I am not. I truly believe in what they created. I am a huge believer in what we put in our bodies and how that can affect us. I did ask to become an affiliate of theirs though after I realized that this is a company I want to cheer for. As you know blogging takes much time and offsetting that time with a very small income allows me to have a space that I can dedicate my energy to. Plus this mama wants to finish this house of ours. HA.

Making it Pretty {a bench}

As part of striving to live life more in the moment as I talked about in this post, I followed through with a simple DIY. I must say I was so inspired that I ended up doing two more that day, but they are less photo worthy. Who really wants to see an organized utensil drawer. This bench we had for years. We bought a pair at Pier 1 maybe 6 years ago on clearance to use with our then dining table. Since then they moved around spot to spot in our old house and have been recovered a dozen times. We kept one in the move and gave this one to my sister. It was in desperate need of recovering after years of use. I took it down to the original fabric. It's so ugly, but I covered them as soon as we bought them and they were cheap, but sturdy. This is also where buying classic pieces no matter the price can serve you for years.

I had this fabric from Serena and Lily in my stock pile and it went with my sister's new house perfectly.

I then took the time to recover it loving. It ended up being a fun girl time and got my creative juices flowing again. it really was so simple, but made the tired old bench look new and pretty again.

Isn't she lovely? It almost made me want to keep it. HA. Hopefully my sister will let me share it in her house soon!

  Sources: fabric: Serena and Lily | pouf {similar} | frame: Room and Board | basket: Homegoods {similar} | wall color: talc by Martha Stewart for Home Depot



fabric: Serena and Lily | pouf {similar} | frame: Room and Board | basket: Homegoods {similar} | wall color: talc by Martha Stewart for Home Depot

THIS coat...

I came across this coat from Anthropologie while prepping for yesterdays post. It's not the cheapest, but I wear a coat till it falls apart and my old jcrew puffer is slowly, but surely biting the dust. I ADORE the lines of this coat. I only wish I knew if it is as warm as it is pretty. Anyone happen to have it?

Just look at that back {insert emoji with heart eyes}.

On my mind {new year dressing}

With Christmas being only a week away it has me thinking about the new year. I am so excited to ring in 2015 and see what it holds for us. Since we have had kids we tend to stay in to celebrate as a family although we normally ring in the New Year before the clock strikes midnight. This year though the kids are older and I feel like maybe just maybe they could hang and we could truly celebrate the ending of our challenging yet adventurous year and rejoice with the coming of the new. This then got me thinking about making it a little extra special. For us that normally means putting on a party dress, a bowtie for the boys of course, and dance so I think that is what we shall do. Here are a few outfits that may just be worthy of a night full of fun...

Simple yet Festive:

Who doesn't own a simple black top and black bottoms? Adding a statement necklace makes this outfit oh so fun and in my opinion quite chic. My favorite black jeans and the pant that I live in would do the trick.

image via: Make Life Easier

image via: Make Life Easier

Classic Black:

Black is so timeless. It will forever be a favorite of mine.

On the Soft Side:

Wearing whites and softer colors in winter lends itself to the feeling of being a bit more sweet and ethereal. Add in some shine, a bit of texture or a whimsy silhouette to take it up a notch. Plus I know Ellie would think I looked like a snow queen so there is always that.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

A Bit of Sparkle:

Now if I actually had somewhere to go then adding some sparkle would be a must. Who doesn't love to feel ever so glamorous every once in awhile and what a better time to do it than ringing in the New Year!

Image via Glamamom

Image via Glamamom

*Just came across these and they may be my favorite! Sequin pants seem to be all the rage. Ha.