Our last stop of the trip was LA. We were all pretty tired and sick at this point so we took it easy. Well except Disney Land day, because that is so worth every once of exertion. It was the first time in years that it rained in LA apparently so we stuck to exploring in the car a lot. We all love driving around and exploring neighborhoods so it was still a win. We did take half a day to go to the Getty and we were in awe. The building itself was so inspiring. They had umbrellas at every entrance to the expansive grounds so it made it extra fun for the kiddos. We took in gorgeous views at Griffith Park. We went to both Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a little more laid back with surfers and less people in general so if I were to only go back to one that would be my choice. It was also close to the Venice Canals which we LOVED. It was so much fun exploring the quaint little area. We also happened to come across the best War Eagle {orange and blue} house I ever did see. Oh, and we may have had in-and -out burger four times. It was so gluten free friendly and yummy plus close to our hotel so how could be not.


So this may be the longest consecutive trip posting yet. You may have seen via instagram we bought a house and are doing a rapid remodel. Will share more at the end of the week! For today I am going to live life with the memories from our trip. It held a lot less mess. HA. On the last leg of our trip we drove from San Franciso to LA via the Pacific Coast Highway. It was absolutely incredible. The Mr and I are already planning our 15 year anniversary to Carmel and Big Sur in a few years. The whole area deserves time to soak it all in. We stopped and hiked along the coast a bit and toured all the cute homes in Carmel. Who knew a drive could have ended up being one of our favorite parts of the trip.


We spent three night in San Francisco and I quickly fell in love. We happened to be there for New Years so it was a bit hard to find parking at times. They do have great public transportation, but KJ was having asthma flair ups so it was easier for us to stick with our car. Every time we were without the car the Mr had to carry little man and let's just say he's not that little anymore. We stayed at an amazing Airbnb. It was our first time going that route and we will for sure be doing it again. Plus it being mid-way through our trip it was nice to be able to eat in and do laundry. We already have a list of future airbnb's we would love to stay in. We had family come into town for a visit and it was so much fun. Again this leg of trip kept us close to the car because of KJ so most of our adventures were based around things you can see through a window.


Drive down Lombard Street. It really is quite beautiful and the kiddos were just in awe.

Pier 39 was worth the crowds to be able to see sea lions up that close. It also has great views of Alcatraz.

We explored China Town for a bit and went on the hunt for the ladies who make fortune cookies in the alley. The kiddos were giddy once we found them.

Of course the golden gate bridge is stunning, but all the bridges had me in awe. Part of the adventure was driving all the big bridges.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market reminded me of Chelsea Market or a Pikes Place. Tons of good eating and great shops. It's also the first time I laid my eyes on Heath Ceramics after having a long distance crush and now I'm officially head over heels.

We also took a drive through Presidio, an old base, and we loved it so much we did it again the same day. It really was oh so beautiful.




Our airbnb was in the Berkley Hills so a few times we stayed close and ate in what they call the Gourmet Ghetto. It has an insane amount of places to eat. We tried the Crepevine and the GF pancakes did not disappoint. KJ even ended up finishing them off for me.

I really wanted to try Mission Heirloom, but we could never fit it into the schedule especially around New Years hours. Next time!


PANT | COAT {layered over a down} | BOOTS {eyeing these too}