Fall Favorites

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The Entry

In this home we don't have a formal entry. The front door leads straight into the main living room. It's also not the door we use daily either.The door to the left is our bedroom and the front door is to the right. I know I have mentioned before that this house has wonky floors. It dips and rises in areas and this spot was the closest to being level which is what you need for a piano. I have rigged many pieces of furniture with lifts and books, but I would think it would affect the sound and the sheer weight of a piano would just make that impossible. So here she stands in all her beauty.

It's the same piano we had in our old house. I simplified her accessories since we are the age were the kids are ready to actually take lessons.

I was on the hunt for a pair of cesca chairs for our dining room. Our large wicker chairs just weren't functional size wise, but I did like the texture they brought into the room. I almost bit the bullet and got these from RH, but all the wood finishes were a tad darker than what I was really wanting. Right before making the purchase I hoped on craigslist and lo and behold someone was selling three for next to nothing. They are vintage and the caning is still in wonderful shape.

The large piece of art I did long ago and the small one was done by a family member in the early part of the 1900's or late part of the 1800's, I can't seem to recall currently. I have been wanting it forever and for my last birthday my mother gifted it to me. It means the world to me.

We obviously love hats. We needed a solution and this one seems to work. I had old peg hooks in my stash that I hung vertically and now they serve as a spot for our hats to rest rather than inevitably get destroyed. I love when something so practical and functional ends up being rather pretty.

get the look {all similiar to mine, but mine were bought long ago}:

peg hooks | sheep skin | cesca chairs | panama hat | vase option 1 | vase option 2 | wire basket | glass orbs large and small | gray plant pot |

Not quite picture perfect...

Earlier this week the Mr was taking some pics of the kids and their friends. I was quite under the weather, but still eagerly jumped in when asked. Even bad days are worth remember when I have these two by my side.

A funny side note... One of the Ellie's little friends could not believe that I would take pictures in my ripped jeans. She was utterly in disbelief when I told her I had multiple pairs and I even bought them this way. HA. I think I made it up to her though when I let her brush/play with my hair. It seems at this rate I may be going for real life Rapunzel locks.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

jeans | top | shoes | Ellie's dress | Ellie's sandals | Kj's Shorts | KJ's tee | Kj's button down


A Renovation Worth Sharing

Instagram is a beautiful thing. It's how I "met" Morgan the owner of this most stunning home. It ended up we have quite a few of the same friends, but somehow have yet to actually connect. As soon as she shared this home on her blog I knew it was too good to not file away on my own. I am so grateful she is allowing me to share it here. I know you all will love it just as much as I do. This home has truly been a labor of love for them and you can can see it throughout their renovation. She truly saw a diamond in the rough and now well as you can see it's rather amazing.

Amazing right? You can see more photos here and some before images that will leave you in awe of the work she has done. Morgan does color right in my opinion. It's so fun and bright, but doesn't feel overwhelming in the least. She also kept the style of the house in line with the renovations which I adore. I can't wait to see more!

She shared some sources on her blog, but I thought I would share some quick links here too to get the look...

dining chandelier | art in dining room | floor lamp | white bucket chair | red clock | bar cart

Building a Room with Chairish

When the folks over at Chairish, a sort of craigslist without all the junk to wade through, asked if I would be up for designing a room around one of their rugs I knew it would be too fun of a challenge to pass up. Of course when offered this Madeline Weinrib rug as one of the rugs I could use as a design base I knew this room could be quite special. The bold pattern takes center stage and all the other pieces I choose to compliment the space rather than compete with it. When designing a some what neutral space I tend to use tons of texture to keep a space from falling flat and boring. Now if only I could take this room and actually move it into my own home. Now that would be special.

rug | sofa | art | sconces | chairs | coffee table | cloche | candle holder| floor lamp | ottoman {quite the splurge, but oh so worth it}

Ready for fall {our house}

I think my house was made for the fall. If only pumpkins could be displayed year round. HA. I bought modern house numbers in black from Home Depot, but I have to actually get them up. I still need to paint the porch ceiling and continue to fix the porch floor. Did I mention that I pulled up two layers of carpet? It was hiding a small crack in an other wise beautiful tile floor. It is taking some work to remove the adhesive and years of dirt, but it makes me giddy. If I ever do get to have this house painted I am thinking white or something close to it and remove the shutters. I love the idea of continuing the more modern farmhouse flow that I began inside. 

My new pots done by our local Leaf and Petal are beginning to fill in and I am head over heels for them. I have never had pots done for me since I love to garden, but this time I knew I needed help. I wanted something special and that's really what they gave me. It also helped the house feel less intimidating in a way. It sits up on a hill and with all the rock and the wild yard, which I am continuing to work on, it just has a slight unwelcoming feel to it.

Here is another shot of the pot so you can see what I wonderful mix it is. They really put thought into making it pretty from every angle. The pots are also resin that looks like concrete which keeps them light so when we do move I can take them with me.

This post used to be such an eye sore. I grabbed some black and copper paint and gave it a few coats. It really did transform it. It also matches the porch lantern that I had in our old home that I have always loved. The post is gas, but currently does not work. I am hoping to have it looked at in the near future to see if we can get it up and running. Anyone have a gas fixture? Wondering how much it will up our bill. I think this is the type that once it's on it's on.

*My porch lantern is currently on sale!

Bits & Pieces {the kitchen}

The house is coming along slowly, but surely. I was so sure when starting I would have it pulled together by October but alas I am way off target. Living in the house a few months did help me decide what this house and we need for it feel "finished". Granted this house will never actually be finished since it is only a rental, but finished to the point where when I walk into a room and I feel like it's home.

After much thought I decided I missed having a chalkboard. In our old house it was painted on the wall, but I figured being a rental I probably shouldn't go there. After looking at many I went with this one from Pottery Barn. It seemed like the best quality for the price and look I was wanting. I almost made this a DIY, but with so many other projects going on I figured this was a place that I actually should just purchase and save my time. The antique table that I fell head over heels for still makes me happy. When we have over large groups it can serve as an additional seating area, but for now it serves as a lack of a pantry overflow. The basket underneath I had forever now and has seen better days, but it's perfect place to store paper towels and the like. To the right of the table is our recycling basket. I am sure I can do something prettier, but for now it works and I already had the wire basket on hand. Also you can see the new lighting up. Not sure if I shared it yet or not, but I LOVE it. They were somewhat cheap and feel that way, but hanging you can't tell. HA.

Yes, the microwave is on the counter, but I also have tile counters, chip tiled floors, and cabinets that don't shut. So you can see it may not be magazine perfect, but it functions well for us and I pretty much still love it.

The baskets came in and I think they are just what I needed. It gives me a place for laundry and the detergent bottles that won't fit in the cabinets. This also gives you a glimpse of the other tiled floor. It was not laid perfectly unfortunately, but it's still better than the big ole hole in the floor. The old tile is no longer made in size so I had to come up with a sort of  "fix". I went with a 1931 appropriate tile that acts as a rug to the back door which also serves as the main door.


chalkboard | paint color for walls and upper cabinets: Martha Stewart Talc | bottom cabinets: Martha Stewart Seal | cabinet knobs: lowes | basket under table {similar} | baskets on washer |  lighting | white serving pieces | graphic art to left on buffet | black pot with fern

Playing Dress Up

Shopbop's friends and family 3 day sale event starts today and in the hopes of doing a little fall buying I put together a few outfits that I am sure I could easily live in.

Booties | leggings | tunic | tote | necklace


flats | dress | clutch | water bottle


dress | pump | handbag | earrings


Yup, it's officially I may be boring. HA. It seems all my outfits ended up being quite similar. At least I know what I like right?

Be sure to use FAMILY25 to get 25% off for the next three days at SHOPBOP.

{affiliate codes have been used, but the love of fall shopping is all mine}

Neutral Love...

It's no secret that I love neutrals. They can feel quite cozy to me when loaded with a lot of texture or an unexpected twist. Not sure if its the fall weather that has me yearning to curl up or me just trying to avoid another house project. Ha. These are a few things that I fell head over heels for while procrastinating on the latter.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Ellie's Room

When Ellie was decorating her room the only thing she had to keep was her current duvet from the old house. It was a bit of splurge for me, but it was too pretty for her not to have. Thankfully she said she would never want to change that anyway. Her bed and side table are from her old room too and were mine when I was little. The kubu chair and pouf used to be in our old living room and she was thrilled when I said they could move into her room. She is getting older and she wanted her room to reflect that. She wanted it to have pink and be a little funky, but still pretty. I think she did a good job at that. In the end I did help with a few pieces to pull it all together in order to make her vision to come to life.


duvet cover {seems to not have this colorway anymore, but it does have this one!} | blue pillows on bed | bamboo shades Home Depot | side table {no longer available, but these work too!} | kubu chair {from World Market a few years ago, similar} | multi colored pillow | cactus art in ikea frame | pouf {had mine forever now, but these seem great!} | rug | lighted sign found at Home Goods {this one is similiar, but not in price} | mint shelf ikea | elephant chain | hanging planter {not available online, but maybe in store? These may be even more beautiful!} | brass horse head hook | bunny lamp {found at a local antique store, but this one is sweet too} | white shelf baskets | tall multi colored basket from Home Goods, but this one is similar | gold door hanging made by me

a basket

I have been eying these baskets for some time now. I finally bit the bullet when Serena & Lily offered up a 20% discount code {through today}. They will sit upon my washer and dryer which also happen to be in my kitchen. No, not in a closet in the kitchen, but between the refrigerator and sink. So as you see I NEED pretty baskets to hide random laundry, detergent, hangers and such.I think these will be perfect!


Cafe Curtains

Last week I posted a pic on Instagram requesting help/opinions on cafe curtains in our den. This is a back room that has a view of our patio area, car parking, and an alley. What I love is being able to see the ancient trees and the green that accompanies it. The alley itself lends our backdoor to acting more as a front door for neighborhood visitors. The main reason I NEEDED something on the back windows is the one too many times a visitor has come to the backdoor and I'm still in my pj's. I have to hit the deck and crawl out the room to change before getting the door or holler for the kids to get it while still laying on the floor. It's not becoming for anyone and something had to be done. I adore a good cafe curtain in a kitchen or a bath, but honestly haven't seen it done much in other parts of the house. I needed to keep my solution rather cheap with this being a rental and all. I had in my stash 15 yards of white gauzy linen from an old project that never happened. I thought I would give it a go and I am so pleased I did! A few people recommend hanging them from the top mullion, but it obscured my view of the trees too much and that is one of my favorite things about this house. Not 100% sure I made the right call, but I like the soft filtered light and just enough privacy that I can now run out of the room instead of crawl. It even became a no-sew project. One layer of the linen was still a little too sheer so I simply folded them across the top and sort of let them hang over the simple rod. I love a simple and somewhat free project coming to fruition.

room sources: linen for cafe curtains in white | cafe rod in bronze | sofa in charcoal | black bucket chair | gray ikat pillow Lacefield {this is more budget friendly though!} | cross pillow bought locally | marble top table is an antique | metal kids chairs | bookshelves from ikea {used to be in our old office} | baskets | roses from the Mr | lamp was a Home Goods find {similar to this, just not at that price and mine may not be quite as fabulous}

The Kids Hall

The kids hall is tight, but I managed to squeeze in our rather narrow cabinet that used to live in our old dining room. It now serves as a library for the kiddos and the cabinet below holds toilet paper and towels for the kids bath. The chair is from Ellie's old room. It doesn't really serve a purpose, but I am not ready to part with it so here it sits. Above is a Wheat Field print that used to be in our living room. The ship kite just makes me and flying weather is right around the corner! The light I am not in love with, but this being a rental home makes this the least of my concerns. It is not as awful as the ones that were downstairs and although I am sure I will change it I will wait till the downstairs is complete first. 

KJ's Room

The kids rooms are clean. Enough said right? It made for a perfect time to snap some pics to share. I still need to add art in KJ's room once I find it, but for now he is quite pleased with it. I let the kiddos be in charge of decorating their own rooms this time around. KJ knew what he wanted... red, blue, orange, and gray. Yes, that was the only part of the vision he shared with me. Come to find out he also may be the most picky boy I know. He would not sway from what he had in his head and in the end I was rather impressed. To be honest there were a few times I had my doubts. It's fun, preppy, and everything has a place which fits him to a tee.

First off we HAD to paint the space and have the plaster walls repaired. They were quite a mess. {before's here} I would share the color, but I can't recall for the life of me! It's a really light gray though. We also added new romans from Home Depot. I thought about having them lined, but we did not need the privacy and the kiddos like to be able to see the trees and squirrels. As for decor most things came from the old house. The bed, antlers, chair, ottoman, side table, and ikea bookshelf were all in our old house in one room or another. The rug is new since his got ruined in the old house flood.

The bedding took us forever to find. We went to every local shop and spent hours scrolling through online shops. We happened to come across this quilt at T.J. Maxx and he LOVED it. He also grabbed the throw there too. The orange pillow was from Home Goods. The bird pillow I made him when he was a baby.

His side table is an ikea rast dresser with knobs he found locally. The lamp was a fun find with the orange cord since the placement of the outlet leaves the cord exposed. My boy also has an infatuation with air plants. When he spotted this hanging glass orb locally he was too giddy for me to pass it up. It actually hangs on cable tv wire that some brilliant person drilled through the wall. Can't pull it out without leaving a hole. Next best thing was to give it a purpose.

The ikea bookcase thankfully made it through the flood in decent condition. It still is his favorite piece. I also love how organized it keeps him. The wire baskets we found at bed bath & beyond. These also took quite the search to find the ones he found to be "perfect". The black chair we used to have in our old tv room. The only addition I made without asking first was the fun string lights by Bright Lab.

sources: rug from Rug USA | grid sheets Target | cross pillowcase Target | white lamp Target | desk lamp Target | black chair Amazon | orange lumbar West Elm | moose hook West Elm | string lights Bright Lab | orange bed pillow found here |

Well aren't you pretty...


We are not in the market for a new bed, but this one had me at hello! The lines are just beautiful. Our bed sits in front of windows that overlook our porch. This would prompt me to actually leave our bedroom blinds open during the day just so I can gander at the back while on the porch. I think it would also look amazing floating in a bedroom. Well, if you had a room big enough to handle a floating bed that is.