On my mind {new year dressing}

With Christmas being only a week away it has me thinking about the new year. I am so excited to ring in 2015 and see what it holds for us. Since we have had kids we tend to stay in to celebrate as a family although we normally ring in the New Year before the clock strikes midnight. This year though the kids are older and I feel like maybe just maybe they could hang and we could truly celebrate the ending of our challenging yet adventurous year and rejoice with the coming of the new. This then got me thinking about making it a little extra special. For us that normally means putting on a party dress, a bowtie for the boys of course, and dance so I think that is what we shall do. Here are a few outfits that may just be worthy of a night full of fun...

Simple yet Festive:

Who doesn't own a simple black top and black bottoms? Adding a statement necklace makes this outfit oh so fun and in my opinion quite chic. My favorite black jeans and the pant that I live in would do the trick.

image via: Make Life Easier

image via: Make Life Easier

Classic Black:

Black is so timeless. It will forever be a favorite of mine.

On the Soft Side:

Wearing whites and softer colors in winter lends itself to the feeling of being a bit more sweet and ethereal. Add in some shine, a bit of texture or a whimsy silhouette to take it up a notch. Plus I know Ellie would think I looked like a snow queen so there is always that.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

A Bit of Sparkle:

Now if I actually had somewhere to go then adding some sparkle would be a must. Who doesn't love to feel ever so glamorous every once in awhile and what a better time to do it than ringing in the New Year!

Image via Glamamom

Image via Glamamom

*Just came across these and they may be my favorite! Sequin pants seem to be all the rage. Ha.

Who Knew?

I have a confession, I have never used a rug pad. We always had rugs that never slipped, slide or they were in a position that it didn't matter much. Well that all changed with this new rug. You barely bump a piece of furniture and the whole thing would shift. With the kids always running about I knew it was an accident waiting to happen. There was a few close calls for myself while simply walking so when Rug Pad USA asked if I had a need for a pad to review I jumped at the chance.


I asked for something that would not damage the antique floors and that would keep the rug from continually shifting and sliding. They recommended a premium lock felt pad and I could not be more thrilled with the difference it made. It keeps the rug from moving about and I feel so much better knowing that the kiddos are less likely to bite it while playing. Pretty rugs are so not worth potential disaster.


KJ my ever so sweet model shares a peek of the actual pad. It has a bit of loft to it so it makes the rug more soft too. The Mr was especially happy about that one. Our old rug had great thickness and this one was just a bit hard so the little extra the pad gave made the world of difference. This room I can finally say is complete! Well except for the window coverings, but that won't be till next year probably.


Oh, and of course wherever KJ is this pup is sure to follow. HA.

* opinions are always my own, but the pad was given to me by Rug Pad USA for review.


It's that time of year again for us to send out Christmas cards. This time around I knew I wanted our rental home to be part of the memory we were capturing. This year had a lot of unexpected change for us and it's a season of life I do not want to forget or let pass by too quickly. So this is us embracing the newness this year has brought with open arms. This is also us hoping the old picnic table that came with the house does not snap. HA.


Just so you know the black lines around the edge of the cards were added by me so you can see the shape. In all realness the card edges just run white and are stunning that way. The back of our Minted card this year has a little run down of our year. I always put a card in the kids baby books so I thought this way they could also see what they were up to in 2014. I hope to continue this tradition for years to come. I think it will be fun when they move off to then take all the cards over the years and make a poster type print of them. It will then give me a chance to "remember when" I was young and wrinkle free.


As always if you receive a card from us just pretend you did not see it yet!

Now to the fun part!

*MINTED is kind enough to be giving one of Two Ellie's readers a $250.00 gift to go towards anything Minted! You could go with Christmas cards of your own, give a gift to a loved one or even yourself in the form of a gorgeous art print, stationary, party decor, or anything really. SO VERY FUN!


*leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite item from Minted is. SO EASY.

*be sure to leave an email if your comment doesn't link already.

*one entry per a person.

*winner will be chosen at random on MONDAY December 8th, so be sure to check back!


THE WINNER IS... Heather Scullen picked via random.org

So Merry

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving break. We spent time with family and friends, ate good food, decorated for Christmas, and truly just relaxed. It was heavenly. Here are a couple of outtakes from this weekends Christmas card photo shoot that I rather liked. Plus later this week I will hosting my yearly MINTED giveaway so be sure to check back in!


Ellie's dress and KJ's button down are currently a steal's at 50% off. This skirt I found at Nordstrom Rack the other day, but can't seem to find a link. It's a pale lavender/blush color vegan leather, also known as fake leather. HA. The shoes are from J.Crew that I bought in New York after Christmas. They were a splurge for me, but the Mr insisted. The top is old J.Crew too. Of course I can not leave you all without alternatives though so...


Don't forget, most if not all items are part of CYBER MONDAY sales so be sure to use codes that can be found on any of the pages. Also my CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDES are having huge savings today at most shops so be sure to rack up on those savings!

Home Depot Workshop {diy}

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of hosting a DIY workshop with Home Depot. I so grateful to all those who attended. Like really grateful. It was a fun experience and the project was oh so fabulous. I made a version for myself that just may stay up year round.


Here is the link to the project. I think they said it would up till around Christmas. Obviously I did mine a tad differently. Mine was bigger and I used a higher grade plywood, used larger plug in lights and painted my letters on. The idea was still the same though. I think my total was just under $35/$40 and for a 2ft by 4ft piece that's not too shabby. Plus I used the fancy eco friendly led lights.


Have you heard of Framebridge? It's a fairly new online framing company that I learned about via a Instagram I believe. The pricing is great and now I can tell you the quality is amazing too. I had them do the printing and framing of one of my favorite pics we captured in Colorado this summer. What I loved most was doing this piece from home. Sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day.


Is it weird that I went custom for the bathroom? Maybe, but it makes the space seem more finished and that is priceless to me currently. Also I couldn't find a local shop that had a  more modern frame that was ready made and this one was exactly what I had in mind.


Can't wait to order my next piece! Would make for a great gift too. The total cost was under $100 which is quite reasonable for getting EXACTLY what I want.