My whole life I have been one who LOVES to sleep. Even as a baby I pretty much slept through the night. I was never one who would fight a nap and as I moved into high school and college years my much too late nights did not hinder me as I could sleep in to absurd hours. This way of life didn't seem all that bad until I had kids. The lack of sleep pretty much made the babies years a blur. Having two in a 19 month time span made the first few years ones with memory lapses. Like there really are events that others will talk about and I draw a complete blank. Small groups that we hosted, Ellie's 1st birthday party, places I went, and so on.  The kicker I had great sleepers just not enough for my need of sleep. Now the kiddos are at the age where I getting up with them is technically not a must, but a desire. For years I prayed to become this person who would rise before her alarm and not dread the whole getting out of bed thing, because I needed another hour or two. Not sure what happened over the course of this year, maybe it's age, maybe it's an answered prayer, maybe it's the way God designed it all along, but I wake 20 to 15 minutes before my alarm every morning. It gives me time to read my one year bible before the routine of the day begins. It truly has been the greatest gift for me. Granted I have to be sure to be in bed when my body demands it which is between 10 and 11 which is a vast improvement of my 9 to 10 in the past. Also the impending joy of a morning cup of tea or coffee doesn't hurt either. 

Our current tea kettle we have had since our wedding 12 years ago. It's time for a new one and I am leaning towards a matte black to go with our kitchen since it will sit out. The above are my top contenders. Anyone have an electric kettle and do you prefer it over a stove top one? I like the idea of being able to have it off to the side and having a hold temp incase a second cup is in order. 

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In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch. - psalm 5:3


Now that I am working again the house projects that were somewhat left behind are starting to be done once again. First on my list was to finish the kiddos rooms. Although we made them functional with using everything from our prior rental home I was ready to personalize the spaces according to the kiddos wish list and in general make them look more finished. One dream for KJ was to add a desk and chair. A place for him to write and illustrate his stories and do perler beads. He came up with the placement and helped pick out both the desk and chair. Both were at a great price point and look good. A win win in my book. I can't wait to share more as we progress over the next month.

* I may have another Two Ellie tag sale soon, but for now I am 100% sure we are selling Ellie's pink rug. You can see more of it here and original listing here. It's a great rug, but pink is no longer her favorite. Imagine that. Selling for $75.00. It's more true to color in my images rather than the listing. 

sources: desk | chair | lamp no longer available {similiar} | pillow no longer available {similar} | fish tank now being used to hold baseballs | roman shades


THINGS I ADDED: I added the most beautiful footed planter to my pottery collection although I can easily see it being used as a candy bowl. It was hand-crafted by the oh so talented Jess of The Honey Blues. Can't wait to add to my collection with more of her pieces. 

THINGS TO DO: Although we have gotten so far in checking things off our list on making this place home we still have quite the list remaining. Some of that list has been moved to a list saved for years down the road as budget loosens. There is also some of those to-do's that should have been checked off long ago yet they linger. One, for example, is this old telephone jack that just hangs there. It has no power and I finally bought a plate to cover it yet it just sits starring me down every time I walk down my favorite hall. 

THINGS THAT ARE DONE: I finally decided to hang one of my staghorn ferns in this empty spot in the kitchen. I tried art and nothing seemed to fit, but this little guy. It adds the natural element I love and the movement this spot needed among a whole lot of hard edged appliances.