Opening Up

The Mr saw my Instagram post and he came home and removed the trees. I LOVE the way it opens up the front and you can now see all the mid-century detail. Still debating on what to replace it with as I am trying to move it back towards a more modern ascetic. Part of me even wonders if it needs anything at all. We were going to transplant them, but where I first thought they would go did not work. Thankfully a landscaper was passing by and eagerly took them. Every little improvement on this house checks off a task on the mile long list and it feels oh so good!


Our old house looked better with layers upon layers. This house does not. I'm not sure if it's all the windows, the clean lines, or I really am embracing a more minimal lifestyle. No matter the reason I am ready to purge. I donated a lot of the little things and am sure I will have a round one, two and maybe even three, but for today this is what is ready to re-homed to some locals.

PILLOWS: sold for $15 each {lacefeild designs, three sheets, custom, and from At Home}. The bottom only have covers and will be sold for $10 {pottery barn}. You can get a glimpse below the velvet covers actually stuffed.

The RUG just didn't fill up the room as much as I liked. So I am selling it for $100. It's jute and can shed it you sit on it with dark pants. You can see it again here. It's a little over 7x9 and looks great with some of the above pillows.

Mirror to the left has a few small dings from the move, but still looks good. Would look amazing painted too. $20. The cactus art in ikea frame is $40. You can see it hanging here. Custom green frame for $20. Anthropologie mirror that I may be the most sad to part with, you can see it below, but really have no where for it. Going for $20.00

CURTAINS: White West Elm curtains 48x96. I have three, no idea what happened to the fourth. I have them gathered with ring clips that you can use or not use. $20 each and they could use a washing and pressing. They have been boxed.

I also have six 63" curtain from West Elm. $10.00 each.

DESK CHAIR: $50.00. It's really comfortable and adjusts. 

LINEN CHAIR: $20.00. Had it in our master as an accent chair. Has a nick which you can see below. She's still lovely though.

Finally our beloved horse tree. It didn't fit in our last house and won't fit in this one either. The Mr built it and am sad to see it go, but hoping it can find a new home that will love it well. $550. {really it's the cost of the wood}. 73.5" wide x 91" tall x 19" at widest part.

In the comments leave a message with what you would like. I will try to mark sold as they go, but I will be shooting most the day. Already taken, but not marked sold? Still leave a message and you will be second in line and so on. Pick up preferred.


sale pending:  

both mirrors

cactus art

cross pillows

linen chair


green frame

pillows on right custom

pillow covers  

lacefield pillows bottom left  


It's the Little Things

Our new old kitchen is not what dreams are made of, but it is a space that works hard for us. It provides a space for us to cook for our weekly small group, prepare family meals, and my endless smoothie making to keep me on this healing journey. Slowly but surely it is getting a little sprucing till we are financially and emotionally ready to handle a kitchen reno. For now I still need to tackle painting the other wall of cabinets, but this view makes me happy. It makes me especially happy since I finally found something to bring this old sink back to life. During our first phase of renovations this vintage sink became beaten, spotted, and stained. It honestly made my heart hurt every time I looked at it. It was one of the treasures of this old house. I tried everything. Nothing wanted to work. Finally I got hold of bar keepers friend in powder form and it made the sink like new! I used to use the liquid form for our glass top stove from a couple houses back. Now to finish up the rest of the sprucing so I can finally share the small kitchen facelift.