Our Home: Making Over the Kitchen

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Since moving into this house three years ago we have been slowly fixing this old girl up. Can you believe this is where we started? Majority of the funds have gone to the not so fun stuff like a new roof and removing trees that were dropping limbs so big they were denting the cars. Before moving in we did simplify the kitchen by removing all the upper cabinetry that made the space feel cave like. We moved from a much smaller rental house so all the extra cabinet space was not needed. Once getting settled into our home I took to painting all the cabinets a color match of Farrow & Ball Railings, bought new appliances, and added new vinyl gray tile flooring and called it day. We did it all on a tight budget as we knew one day we wanted to do the kitchen over as this one is not in the best of shape. Well, it looks like that time is nearing as the plumbing in here is slowly dying and most of the cabinetry needs to come out anyway to fix properly. After living here for three years and going over every design possibility, I finally settled on what that will serve our family best. A pared down kitchen that looks like it may have been here from day one.


Years back we were gifted cabinets pulled out from a local kitchen that was being gutted. They are similar to the bottom right image, beaded inset with the cabinet doors being a simple shaker with beading. Currently they are chocolate brown, but will be painted Farrow & Ball Railings, but this time with the real stuff not just the color match as the depth of Farrow & Ball paint can’t be replicated. We are a few cabinets short and I really desire a trash pull out so we are having those custom made. The floors are getting hardwoods to match the rest of the house, not the parquet, and we will be refinishing them all. We are keeping the peninsula as our current layout works well for the way we host, but all the appliances will be reconfigured. The stove is going under the windows so when we cook during get togethers we can still be part of the conversation. The sink and dishwasher are moving to the wall where the fridge is. This will keep the mess away from the hosting area. The fridge and a coffee bar area will be going in the nook where our washer and dryer used to be which is where you see the baskets in the last kitchen image. The peninsula will now be one solid piece and a perfect area for prep and serving. Now for the finishes, we will be drawing the kitchen in a few inches to accommodate seating at the peninsula. We tend to host large groups for small groups and are always in need of more seating. These inexpensive counter stools will be topped with leather pads. We will be doing a similar panelling treatment, you can see above right, for the back panel and sides. Carrara marble will top the main kitchen area. On the sink wall I have glazed brick pavers from Fixtures & Finishes that will go up approximately 24” inches and will be topped with a simple floating wood shelf or possibly one painted out to match the cabinets. We are indulging in a Newport Brass faucet in polished nickel, also from Fixtures & Finishes. Will be using mostly drawers in this space, but there is one cabinet that will house pots and pans, but plan to have it outfitted with drawers for simplicity. The current hutch we are wanting to keep as I love the unique reeded vintage glass and want to stay true to the home. It will be getting a fresh coat of paint, the backing will have the same panelling as the kitchen and oversized brackets will be added to make it feel more like a furniture piece. Now the Induction Bertazzoni range is on the wish list, but may have to be put off for now, but man it would look good. We do love our kitchenaid range, but can’t stand the way food bakes onto the top. An induction range is known to do this less as the burners don’t actually get hot. I feel like that would be huge a win. I am beyond excited to actually be at the point where plans can actually be made. My antsy self just wants to tear it all out immediately, but I know our continued patience will pay off.

images: hutch example by Blakes London, blue kitchen by Amber Interiors, cabinet example by cantley & co, example of pull out drawers by Kate Abt Design

TRAVEL: Gatlinburg


This past fall we took a long weekend and went to Gatlinburg, TN for much needed family time that took us out of our normal routines of everyday life. We stayed at our friends, Karla & Ray’s, air b&b and we are already looking forward to heading back for another adventure. If you know of Gatlinburg at all then I am sure you know it can lean towards the kitchy side which I am also sure you know is not exactly our vibe. That being said we also have two children who love playing putt-putt, laser tag and partaking in corn dog stands. Karla and Ray’s was a perfect sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle where extraordinary views could be taken in and nightly action movies be had. Our days were filled with hiking and all the things downtown Gatlinburg had to offer. We played and we laughed hard. We took multiple trips on the ski lifts with legs dangling, fears being overcome, and games of who can find the car first. Of course, our favorite part was a family of bears sighting. Don’t worry this pic was taken with our pro camera and zoom lens. All our limbs still remain. It’s amazing what just a few days can do for our family unit. Taking us away from the to-do list and reminding us that our times with our children is fleeting. I mean Ellie will have her learner’s permit next year, is your mind blown just as mine is? We want to be sure to nourish our relationships with all the time we have left with them by our side.

The Details…

Karla and Ray’s Gatlinburg Air B&B is full of inspiration. They are king and queen of making small spaces work for a growing family. They value experiences without sacrificing style. They documented the condo makeover on their blog and instagram, but I recommend taking time to read all the posts as they feature so many doable DIY’s and beautiful small space design. Plus they share sources which is always a plus. Not to be missed is the room their 3 boys share and this space they created for a shared girls room. They make me want to be a kid again and remind me to always have a bit of fun in design.

Living & Dining Area

The Kitchen

Master Bedroom side table DIY

A guide to Gatlingburg can be found here.

You can see what we were able to partake in on my Instagram Highlights here.

Karla & Ray also have a beach Air B&B perfect for a couples get away.

*Rather than making a whole post of my current favorites I am adding a rotating list every month to my footer. This month it is all about staying cozy and organized.

*One of my favorite shops, Schoolhouse Electric, is having a online dock sale! So many good finds, but some of my favorites are this table which we have here, this little wall light would be perfect by a bed, and these candle sticks could go anywhere.

The Rythms of Life





Today not only marks the last day of January, but also my intention of getting back into the rhythm of life and this ole blog. I can feel the desire to write here reawakened and have my posting calendar marked out for the year. I will be posting every Wednesday, because who doesn’t love a good hump day escape? I have shed the guilt of self care and defined what that looks like for me. We tackled our budget and have set new goals. Our family calendar could not have been a better decision for our family. I even took time to tackle my closet again with the tried and true Mari Kondo method as I knew that space no longer sparked joy. My need to scroll and scroll again has been broken, I have allowed myself to dream again, and have filled my head with so many inspiring reads all while intentionally moving my body in a way that works for me. This month has been dedicated to ordering my steps in a new way with hopes of not loosing myself in the shuffle of daily life. These are the days I don’t want to miss. My days are fleeting with my loves. I am sure over the next year I will have mis-steps, because life happens in big ways, but I hope the habits I am developing will be easy to come by once again. Thank you for going on this journey with me and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for us all!

xx, Paula