Home Depot Workshop {diy}

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of hosting a DIY workshop with Home Depot. I so grateful to all those who attended. Like really grateful. It was a fun experience and the project was oh so fabulous. I made a version for myself that just may stay up year round.


Here is the link to the project. I think they said it would up till around Christmas. Obviously I did mine a tad differently. Mine was bigger and I used a higher grade plywood, used larger plug in lights and painted my letters on. The idea was still the same though. I think my total was just under $35/$40 and for a 2ft by 4ft piece that's not too shabby. Plus I used the fancy eco friendly led lights.


Have you heard of Framebridge? It's a fairly new online framing company that I learned about via a Instagram I believe. The pricing is great and now I can tell you the quality is amazing too. I had them do the printing and framing of one of my favorite pics we captured in Colorado this summer. What I loved most was doing this piece from home. Sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day.


Is it weird that I went custom for the bathroom? Maybe, but it makes the space seem more finished and that is priceless to me currently. Also I couldn't find a local shop that had a  more modern frame that was ready made and this one was exactly what I had in mind.


Can't wait to order my next piece! Would make for a great gift too. The total cost was under $100 which is quite reasonable for getting EXACTLY what I want.

Date Day

I seen to be on a role with outfit posts as of late. A few of you have mentioned missing them so I thought I would give it a go again. For those who can't stand outfit posts I apologize in advance and let's be honest I am awful a holding down a series for very long. I call it the "I need to be comfortable at all times" look. HA. Every Friday the Mr and I have day dates while the kiddos are at school. Being on staff at a church means he does not get Sundays off so he takes most Fridays off or is suppose to anyways. The Mr grabbed these as we were about to go have lunch and run by the grocery store. We are romantic that way. 


And the outfit works without a hat too. I kid and I am sure you know that. I'm just partial to them, but I wasn't having a bad hair day so it had to be documented. My hair LOVES the lower humidity levels and cold.



Leggings: lulu, but these I honestly love just as much. | new favorite top: want one in every color | bag: you have seen it before and I am sure will be seeing it years to come | hat: found mine at TJ Maxx at the beginning of summer, but this one is very similar | Shoes: REALLY old OTBT's {I will share similar feels below}

P.S. It also has come to my attention that my search, contact page, and old blog links aren't working. Also do you happen to be a subscriber? I hear that's not working either, but would love to know if it is or is not working for you and the "service" you are using! Hoping to have it resolved quickly!

The Dining Room

The dining room is finally complete! Well as complete as it is going to get for the time being. I knew I wanted this space and the rest of the house to be a combination of modern and traditional styles. I wanted to keep true to the 1931 house, but at the same time give her new life. My starting point was this most amazing brass Park Studio LA Ames chandelier. it just may be my most favorite piece in the house.


The table came from our old house and JUST fits. Our old chairs were too large so we downsized those. The side chairs were from West Elm, however I can't seem to find them currently, but these are similar. The end chairs were a craigslist find and I could not be any more happy with them.

Here you can tell how the table can not be centered to the light fixture which is why I needed to go with something that didn't hang too low. Thankfully the ceilings are really high so I didn't have to go the flushmount route in here.


Is this chandelier not stunning?!?!? The ceiling medallion here is new although it did have one originally. Unfortunately the light fixture that once hung here was not done properly so it ended up badly warping the original. To be honest unless you have a trained eye you can't tell the difference. Replica's sure can be tricky these days.


The vase came in that I shared the other day and it was just what this room needed. The candle sticks I found at West Elm at the beginning of the summer. The DW Home candle in Tobacco and Suede is quite divine. They have had them at HomeGoods lately! The bread board I bought locally long ago, but this one is quite similar.


The final addition to this space were the curtains. It took me forever to decide exactly what I wanted. In the end I decided this room needed another layer and some softness. I really wanted pinch pleat curtains with rings, but they just were too far out of budget for this rental.  I did the old age trick of using ring clips and making faux pleats with West Elm curtains. The rods were a bed bath and beyond find. I bought them in matte brown which looks more cast iron to me that the black ones. The rings I bought in another brand that were smaller than what this brand carried. Gave me the look I wanted for much less. As you can see I can be cheap. HA.


My fiddle leaf is going strong for over two years now! I thought I was going to loose him in the move, but alas he hung on strong after some babying. I water it about once a week and besides that I try to leave him alone. It does need to be transplanted and I could not be more nervous to do it!


With the living room being open to this space I knew I needed something simple for this wall so it would not compete with the living room gallery wall. I had this convex mirror for quite sometime and it added just enough to the space. This one would be kind of amazing! The stools I have had forever and provide extra seating when needed. I think these could be fun and add a punch of color, but for now the free route wins out.


Oh Park Studio LA you just get me... {insert smiley face with heart eyes}


This is how the space looks from the living room. The gallery wall is behind the chair to right if you recall. This piece of art I did may have to move on. I can't seem to find a spot for it although the longer it sits here the longer I don't mind it there. The marble set is real life. For a split second I thought about moving it for a better picture, but I try to keep this blog true to my life and well I have kids and a lot of kid things around this house. HA.

GIFT GUIDE {travel}

I officially have Christmas shopping on the brain so for this month I will be sharing various gift guides featuring all my favorite finds. Today I am starting with gifts for those who love to travel. We are those people and with an upcoming Disney trip in February and our past year full of adventures I thought it would be a perfect place to start.

favorite travel shoes: Ballasox | A soft blanket that can store easily in a carry one | a monogrammed carry on for him or her: Pottery Barn | A toiletry case that is made for him, but I always find myself stealing the Mr's: Pottery Barn | A passport case that would make anyone cheery: J.Crew Factory | a perfect spritz for thirsty skin: Tata Harper | A coloring book that could keep boy Ellie and I entertained | as much as we like to say we can go electronic free let's be real: ipad mini case made in USA | bought the headphones for the Mr last year and he doesn't leave the house without them | by far my favorite mascara for this allergy sufferer {keeps eyes from looking tired}

Adding a Rug

The rug came and I can not be more thrilled with how it compliments the room. I was nervous ordering it, because it is listed as being gold. In my head and by the photo I was hoping it would look more like the color of seagrass and thankfully to me it does. Don't get me wrong it does have some yellow in it and would not work in every room, but our hardwoods have a slight gold tone as does a lot of my decor. It blends well with everything I already own and the pattern was just what this room needed. Somehow it just works.



Other sources can be found: HERE


Breaking out the favorites

The weather is beginning to cool and I could not be any more excited. I love the crispness in the air, being able to bundle up, and knowing that we are one step closer to being able to huddle around the fire pit and roast marshmallows. It also marks that time when my favorite sweatshirt and black jeans can be put back into the rotation. I have had these jeans forever now and they move like leggings. The sweatshirt is made of a soft french terry. It has worn well considering I wash and dry it in the machine even though it is recommended to dry flat. I found the shoes at TJ Maxx and they rarely leave my feet lately. All this to say that when I am not wearing active wear this is what you will find me in. Aren't I so fancy? HA.




I believe that no home can have too many throws. Currently this is my favorite style. I simply cannot love all the tassels any more than I do. They make a heap of blanket left out on the floor look not so bad. I have added the 1st one on the 3rd row to my own collection and hoping to continue to add a few more over the next few months. One for every member of the house hold plus more for fort building and when friends are over. I am also loving that you can get the same look at every price point hence all the high & low's intermingled. Granted I am sure some are of much better quality, but did I mention that all our throws end up on the floor? Oh, and let's not forget Christmas is right around the corner. A good throw is a go to gift for me, especially for those who seem to have everything. It's one thing you can never have too many of.

Being Active with Boden

Anytime Boden asks if I am up for a review I am always on board. Their attention to detail and quality is amazing. When I heard they were releasing a new line of active wear I became giddy. Working mostly from home and  having two active kids means I live in active wear a lot. Oh and yes on occasion I even actually work out whether it's Irontribe or a brisk walk/jog around the neighborhood.


The first thing I noticed was how soft the materials were. Like butter really. They have good compression which is a must for me, but not so much so that I can't move and breath with ease.


The pieces moved well and did not do a lot of shifting which is huge for me. If I have to pull and tug a lot I will not wear it. I do wish I ordered a size up in the tee because I tend to not like anything tight on my top half. This is most definitely a fitted top which is not bad, looser is just more of my preference. What I did LOVE about the shirt is the ballerina neck line which is my all time favorite so I will be wearing it again and often.


Also can I tell you how much I love a good thumb hole. Helps keep pieces from riding up and they are cozy which is what I deem most important in all clothing I wear. The older I get the more I am finding that if it's not comfortable I can't wear it. I remember the days when being uncomfortable was completely tolerable as long as I looked "cute". This also makes me grateful for shops like Boden that take the time to combine the two and do it well.


Let's be real, the placement of the pattern is rather slimming in the jacket. It helped create more of a waist on me which I happen to lack. I can pull off the teenage boy look any day which may be why I don't care for tight tops. Really that fact alone should give me full permission to own one in every color.


We did this shoot after I got home from taking to Ellie to ballet. She said it looks like a could be a hip hop dancer and then proceeded to request a picture. She was going to be the ballerina, obviously, and I would have some funk. This is the pose she gave me to do. Did I pull off hip? I'm not so sure. HA.

You can see more of the BODEN ACTIVE WEAR here. I give it a standing ovation.

Currently they are offering 15% off with the code YOGA till the 9th of November.



The living room {it's coming together}

The living room is pulling together slowly, but surely. I still have a new rug addition to share that fits the space and my style more. Most items are reused from our old home just used in a new way.

The wicker chair is one of two that came from our dining room. At first I did not think we could fit a seat here, but after placing it here to get it out of out current dining room it seems to fit well. Extra seating is always a plus too. I also like that is sort of creates an entry way of sorts.

We still need window covers of some sort, but I have yet to bite the bullet on any. At first I thought we would keep the door window bare, but after too many close calls with visitors and not everyone being great a shutting the bathroom door it makes it a must. HA.

I added a simple pumpkin as our fall decor this year. I am trying my hardest to get everything settled in this house by the end of November so pulling out Christmas decor won't add to the chaos or send me into a tail spin over clutter. I have issues.  The horn cup holds my collection of feathers and this piece of art is still a favorite of mine.

Here is the view from the bathroom.

This wall always looked awkward to me for some reason. The whole room is pretty much off center, but after a good rummage through our boxes I came across these prints gifted to me years ago by Vana when she was cleaning out her studio. I had the frames from Target, really wish they still carried them, and used handmade paper that I had on hand to act as a filler for the too big mat. I rather like all the texture and depth it adds. I did buy new pillow covers to simplify my old patterned ones and the end tables are new too. They needed to be small, but big enough to hold lamps since this room has no over head lighting. Proportion was key and these came home as a win. Again I sill need window coverings. I keep on going between woven bamboo romans or a simple fabric roman. Both aren't cheap so I need to make the right decision and only make it once.


Fall Favorites

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