Family Edition: Summer Reads

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I can easily get lost in a book for hours at a time. I have been that way since I was child. Nancy Drew and the Saddleback Club traveled everywhere I did. It's a place to get lost and transport to another place and time. My kiddos aren't quite that way, but I still hope as they grow older they will hold onto the value of the written word. This summer we decided to limit screen time during the week and build in time to simply read. We love our local library and tend to get most of our books from there. Every once in awhile we find ourselves so in love with a series that we will purchase it especially if it's one that both Ellie and Kellen Jr will read. I love to buy books that strengthen my spirit and ones that I may want to gift. The light fun reads I tend to reserve at the library. The Mr likes a good book that he can learn from. He gifts many of them out. The two he suggests are perfect for those growing a business and who tend to like to go a bit against the grain. He is a creative director after all so he's constantly thinking outside the box and wanting to grow. This I admire greatly. Have any favorite reads for yourself or your tweens? What are your favorite genres? I tend to love a good mystery and books that help me look beyond and within myself.

A few our favorites from our summer list...


The Secret Series {she loves it so much she is reading them all again}

Kellen Jr:

The Nocturnal series {He's reading the chapter books, but saw they had a few for beginner readers too!}


for the soul - Girl Wash your Face |  La La Lovely |  Chasing Slow {have read it 3 times so far!}

quick and  fun mysteries - Camino Island  | The Woman in the Window


Originals by Adam Grant

Linchpin by Seth Godin 



I know you've seen it before, but oh it's really that good. HABITAT by Lauren Liess. I cannot even tell you the countless times I have picked it up since it's release date in early October. It actually resides on my night table. Bravo friend, bravo.

Life Lessons

So hard to hear yet so true...

“Sometimes kids get a mean teacher or a class they don’t like or an inflexible deadline even though that child was “exhausted the night before.” We should not cushion every blow. This is life. Learning to deal with struggle and to develop responsibility is crucial. A good parent prepares the child for the path, not the path for the child. We can still demonstrate gentle and attached parenting without raising children who melt on a warm day.” - Jen Hatmaker, For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

Definitely a good reminder why our kiddos have daily chores and helps remove some of my self induced guilt I tend to put on myself. Both Ellie and KJ are still happy as can be AND can load the dishwasher like pros.

Ellie Chores: wipe down bathroom sink and toilet, put away her clothes, keep bedroom somewhat clean {still working on this one}, vacuum with small dyson, pick up her own things from every room and put away

KJ Chores: take out trash, take out recycling, keep room somewhat clean, pick up and put his own things away from around the house, neaten tv room, put away clothes

Shared Chores: Empty and load dishwasher

I do all big and deep cleans and we always use teamwork. Plus they earn $5 a week, but only if their rooms are clean. Rooms clean I tend to think as a responsibility they should have and the rest are above and beyond tasks.