Skin Care


My favorite skin care line is having a huge {for them} sale so I thought I would share. Once a year Tata has her birthday sale for 20% off $100 or more. It's always around my bday so I gift myself. I figure the one thing that will last forever is my skin so no guilt here as it's not the cheapest out there, but it seems to last me awhile and I can tell you it's worth every last penny. When I hit 30 my skin went nuts. It was a constant battle to keep acne away all while having really dry skin. Go figure. I tried pills and special dermatologist prescribed skin care. Nothing worked. I came across Tata's 100% all natural and non-toxic line and gave it a go. It has done wonders for my skin. Now in my mid-thirties and only have a random flair up here and there. Normally that's because I forget to wash off makeup as I rarely wear any. These are my favorites....

Hydrating Flower Essence | Repairative Moisturizer | Regenerating Cleanser  | Resurfacing mask 

this time around I am trying the new purifying mask as I ran out of the resurfacing mask. Hoping I love it just as much! 

Shop HERE and be sure to use the birthday code BDAYBEAUTY through July 30th. As I've said I wait all year for this very sale.