It is about time for my blog to recieve some updates. Now that the kiddos are going back to school this week I feel less bad about spending hours on the computer to work on this little ole blog of mine. The look will stay the same, it's so me, but I have had some requests to include a few things.

I plan on adding and possibly taking away...

- adding a link that goes directly to a home tour

- "as seen in" link to publications.

- possibly take away the rss feed. Do you all use it? I hate the way it displays my blog.

- I am going to try to figure out how to add a way to send an email when new blog posts go live. Interested if possible? Any Squarespace users know how to do this?

- a good overall cleaning up is a must. I have a lot of dated material on the homepage.

Can you think of anything else that could be helpful to have on hand?

I am also going back to regular posting. I think I will keep my 4 things posts on good buys, family updates of course, may start a series on "what every home should have", and possible DIY's.

Are there any other things I have posted on in the past or things you would like me to blog about? I am open to ideas!!!

As you can see I am ready to blog my heart out again!!! Hope you all will help!!!!