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I am sure no words can do justice when it comes to describing this girl. She is everything. She is brave, she is strong, she is tender, she is fun, she is gentle, she loves without you having to love her first. She has a heart of gold and this past year it has been broken time and time again. She isn't one who has many friends so when one says they are done it leaves her very lonely.  She has a hard time fitting into certain groups and has struggled finding her own. I can't tell you how many tears have been shed because she was TOLD she wasn't cute enough, her clothes could be better if only she wore them this way, etc. etc. Her heart breaks and so does mine. As a parent you want everyone to see her as I do. She can be your greatest friend. As a parent I want to go and remind everyone to be kind. As a parent I want to keep her home and protect her from all the lies that we constantly have to remind her are not true. Most importantly though I know our job is to raise her in constant love and support. To be her greatest allies and encourage her to not give up on others or more importantly herself. To never loose her contagious laugh, to always be brave enough to try new things even when it doesn't always work out, to always be kind to others because you don't know what their own battles are. I pray that this year as she enters 7th grade it will go better. She will again have her crew and maybe the naysayers will have decided to silent their judgments. I also pray that if this is not our year again then she will still find the joy in the every day. That it will never weigh her down and silence her brave heart. 

Saturday she turns 13 and she gave me permission to share our struggles with school life and bullying. She is the girl who wants to make this world a better place for everyone or even just the one person who is left in the corner. She is that girl.

*Writing this post was hard. Really hard. At times the screen becomes so blurry through all the tears it became not only emotionally hard to write, but physically. We are and have been in a season of not understanding. I hope this post not only helps those walking the similar path, but also to take a minute before school starts and remind your child in the importance of being kind. Of course it's never your child who would do such a thing, but what if your child could be the one to reach out and check on the one who was pushed again in PE on "accident" rather than just staring and sometimes laughing. What if that one short talk can set them up for not only school book success, but also success in kindness. 

HOME TOUR: kitchen + family room

When people ask what I do I sometimes tend to hesitate. Over the years I have done many things. Currently I do many things. I am a freelancer who fills the need where it is needed. It all revolves around design in some way or another. Whether it is designing a room, making a corporate area speak to those who are within its walls, photographing interiors or photographing weddings. Need help organizing? I love to do that too. I have always been a very visual person and love to observe spaces and people around them. I am sure some dr would tell me it stems from being dyslexic as a child and having trouble reading, writing and communicating. I would say it's a gift that God gave me and maybe that gift wouldn't have been realized if I didn't have that time to train myself to communicate differently when I was small. I drew, I created, I had rainbows painted on my walls. Creating always helped clear my mind. That is why during this season I can add blogger back to my long list of 'what I do'. 

This home I had the pleasure of capturing for Slate Barganier, a local building company that creates some of the most exquisite homes. Upon walking in, this home immediately filled me with awe. It filled all my senses. The home exuded peace and the sense that this was a place for family and friends to truly gather. Every detail was thought out and executed beautifully. The best part, the kitchen reminded me of mine once it grows up. Maybe that is why this house immediately felt like home. The sweet pups didn't hurt either. Today I am just sharing the family area. I am sure I will share the rest one day too, but this is the area I wanted to curl up in with a good book after eating a hearty meal. The area where they hang most. Where life happens. The kitchen, eat in area, and the family room that was surrounded by glass hence making it my favorite space ever. I hope this home captures one of your senses whether visually, through a feeling or even just a piece that speaks to you. 

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A Pre-Teen Boys Room

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Two and a half years after moving in we have finally done little Kellen's room. Is it styled to perfection, no. Is it perfect for him, yes! He has the biggest room in the house and we have struggled with finding a solution that worked for him. Finally once he nailed down that he wanted a hang space in the bonus area then we got to designing. It went through many stages including a lego city that covered every square inch, an office area, and simply a mess keeper. Most of the items we have had for years, but a few new touches is all it took to bring it all together. The gallery wall has room to grow and his new metal board is perfect place to display all his art. We bought the cat tail magnets in Boston and he was thrilled. They fit his humor and his love for cats. The hang space is comfortable not only for he and his friends, but even I find the new bean bags comfortable. The price was spot on too. I've even seen sister hanging in here with him which we all know is a win. The flor rug tiles cover enough of the cork floor to help even out all the wood tones that overpowered the space. The simple pattern adds interest without being too busy. The shelves have enough going on as is. We DIY'ed the bed using plywood, fabric and this bed frame. He can't wait to show all his friends his new "teen" room so I think we did well. 

get the look:

bean bags, duvet in slate {softest linen and great quality. Like it more than my RH one}, dresser, desk, desk chair, rug {in slate and gray}, roman shades, blue side table, ship kite, bedside table, bedside lamp, metal display board, cat tail magnets, be a nice human print, tall lamp {old kate spade for west elm}