The Living Room: Now Complete

My once a month goal of blogging quickly turned into not blogging at all. It was not my intent, but I was still trying to find a way to balance work, kiddos after school sports, family time, and breathing in general. Ha. Lets just say multi tasking is not my gift. Alas we made it to summer and although Ellie still swims on her team at the wee hours of morning, I did cut back on work to two days a week and we no longer have to focus on school work, lacrosse, etc. All that to say I am going to try to blog again once more, I really do miss it, but I am quickly learning to not put anything into stone. More importantly are you all tired of seeing my living room yet? I guess you can now say you've seen it in winter, spring-ish, now summer and all back to back. Honestly it's one of the only rooms that I can officially deemed finished... well for awhile anyway. We have only one additional project that is not finished, but I am eager to share anyway. Coming soon, well I hope so anyway. Back to the living room, did you spot the difference? THE SOFA! We ordered back in February and got it last month. It took FOREVER, but we love it. It was the first and only sofa the Mr and I both agreed on and we bought it during a huge sale. I will share more details about it on my next post. The good and the ugly. Anyhow, on to the pictures as I am well aware that is the fun part!

shop the story: New York art taken by us and framed by simplyframed | blue side table - schoolhouse electric | baskets | candle on tray | coffee table, angular side table, leather sling chair, ikea shelves, tray, fiddle fig pot, leather poufs {although I linked similar below} all are no longer available or Home Goods find.


More & Less

There are many things in the world that I want more of. More time with the kiddos as they are in a season of growing and changing at a rapid rate. More down time with the Mr where we can just be. More good books to add to to my growing bedside table stack. More quality time with friends where we can get to the nitty gritty of life and in turn help breath new life into each other. There are also many things I want less of and that list is continually growing. Less clothes that seem to clog my already small closet, less items that I deemed so important to have and now just lead me to extra dusting. Less time on the tv, phone, and the like. In general I just want to live with less and more. Less of things and more of everything else. 

Yesterday marked one year of owning this fixer upper. We moved in a month later after countless hours spent painting, tearing down, and building up. We have a ways to go, yet even now it is just right. This house is exactly what we needed. I needed really. It gave me more and less. It gave me more light than I could have ever hoped for as every room is basked in sunlight. It gives us more space to invite friends in where laughs and tears can occur at any given moment. It gives us a place where the kiddos can create and make memories that I only hope last a lifetime. This house also tends to want less. I still have boxes of art packed away as more is not needed to cover these sun drenched walls. All the natural textures of this home demand less of things which would only distract from its architecture and charm. In turn it also leaves me with needing less time to clean and that is a gift within itself. 

I am not exactly sure if this need for less is creeping in as a natural progression of life as I creep closer to 40. Maybe it is something God is and has been slowly trying to sink deep within my soul over the last few years. More of Him and less of everything else. I desire living for the now and not what's next even if the next does want to get to the washer and dryer out of the kitchen. I am also learning to have grace with myself when my desired expectations go array. It's giving myself more love and in turn less time to look at areas where I fall short daily. 

With a job that fills my days with creating a home for others, after school activities that keep us all growing, and my desire to unplug every evening in turn means less time for this ole blog of mine. I am going to strive to post more fulfilling content even if it does dwindle to once or twice a month as I am not quite ready to give up on this extension of me. So in essence you too will receive more and less of me. 

*To see how far we have come in this home you can see all before and after's thus far here.


living room: wood and fabric chairs | rug | lamp | dipped leg stool | framed art by us and framed by simplyframed | leather pouf {similar} | blue side table

dining room: table had for years | wood chairs west elm {similar} | black chairs | pendant 

Home for Christmas

imagine her all lit up up at night with the, children picked, colored lights. 

imagine her all lit up up at night with the, children picked, colored lights. 

Last year we were deep into inspections, offers, and prayer to see if this ole house would be ours after the New Years. We packed and waited knowing she was the one, wanting her to be the one. It made last Holiday season go by in a flurry. This year, as we are still settling into this house, we are enjoying the gifts she has brought us throughout the year. We have hosted small groups, built new neighborly relationships, hosted ample dinners and seen countless children come and go through our many doors. As we decorated for Christmas I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude that we get to call this house our home. I am looking forward to hosting Christmas day where everyone will gorge themselves on food, have good conversation, and possibly nap the day away on the sofa. For now though we will get our fill of Christmas movies, smore making, and cookie decorating all in the name of memory building. I know so many sweet memories were made by the couple that lived here for decades before us raising their children and doing so many of the same activities. We are appreciative to have met a few of the folks that used to come here to play/hang over the years as they have nothing but nice things to say. Thank you Mr and Mrs W for letting us carry on the traditions of this ole house.  We are grateful for you. 

sources: {living room} New York print by us framed by SimplyFramed  | white dipped stool | black lamp | rug {8x10 no longer available} | chair | end table |  {dining room} Black eiffel chairs | wood chairs | chalkboard | pendant light | verse art made by a friend | {den} mini trees collected over the years | metal stocking holders | Ellie's new stocking | {outside} door mat | house numbers | metal planter from local shop Sweet Peas - similar

*last years Christmas decor in the rental